My Boss is Committing Insurance Fraud?

I have been working for a private investigation company for almost a year. A short time ago I discovered that my employer is billing the insurance companies for hours that we (the investigators) are not on surveillance.

The reports that they send will state the time of our arrival, departure and activity etc. My concern is:

1: The insurance company thinks that we were there for that time.
2: If this case goes to trial and something major (fire accident etc) happens and I wasn’t there, then I will get in trouble.
3: Its just plain out wrong to investigate people for insurance fraud and then add extra hours.

Now keep in mind that they charge upwards of 50-80 per hour depending on the client.

I will for example be on surveillance from 8 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. but the report that the insurance company gets says that I was there till 2:00 p.m. (which I DEFINITELY was not!!!)

So they aren’t just adding the extra hours on to the bill they are making it look like I was there?

I filed a complaint with the PPS board and they will be investigating the matter, however as soon as my boss figures out what is happening, I will most certainly be fired.

I feel horrible for doing this, however if it were to come up in court it would appear that I was lying under oath and could get pinned on me. Not to mention I would lose my credibility.

I am at a loss for what to do from here.

I also plan on filing a complaint with OSHA for unsafe work environment. Since some of the claimant’s that we have done surveillance on have EXTENSIVE criminal records (drugs weapons sexual assault) and the company was informed of this (because they conduct criminal checks on every claimant) and with held that information from the investigators.

I have had people chase after me and my vehicle. People stopped traffic and tried to trap my vehicle. KNOWING that they are a convicted felon might change how I approach the situation or how far I am willing to go to get away from them.

Please give me any insight that you may have?

I also live in NC,

My other question is will I be eligible for unemployment if he does fire me for reporting his illegal behavior?

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