My boyfriend's mom wants him to get involved with insurance fraud…?

He was kicked out in February and has not spoken to her since. He has heard from his family that she received a pink slip at work, lost her house, and will be staying at his grandma’s. She left him a voicemail yesterday saying that her house was broken into and that she would need him to make a statement for the insurance claim. He has not talked to her yet, but we know that she has a history of insurance fraud like claiming that she left the garage door open and didn’t know if anything was stolen and also lying about false expensive items being in the car of her car accident. And considering the fact that he hasn’t even been LIVING at her house just gives us this feeling that this is a huge scam to help get her some money since she lost her job. I really don’t want my boyfriend involved but I don’t want him to feel like I am controlling his decisions with his mom. Both of our names are signed on a lease in another city and I just wouldn’t want him to get in trouble for something that doesn’t even pertain to him. She said in the voicemail that he would have to come back to his home town and do a 15-20 minute interview. Which is a LOT of time to ask questions. What kind of trouble can he get in if he went through with this? What should I tell him to do?

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