My disability lawyer is charging me for obtaining medical records!?

My disability lawyer firm dropped the ball on my case and acted like I was never their client. Since I caught that, they started obtaining my medical history using the medical release forms they said they never had!!! I have yet to sign anything since they said they never received my sign up forms, yet signed release forms were mailed to my doctors with dates not in my writing. The signature is mine, but the dates weren’t written by me,
Now I’m receiving bills for costs they incurred for obtaining two of my medical reports from my doctors. When one signs up with a disability lawyer aren’t those charges paid for by the lawyer? Wouldn’t this be extortion or mail fraud since the bill was mailed to me? The real crime is I have had ZERO income for 7 years, no welfare or food stamps and only enough help from my parents to survive! They know I’m poverty stricken, but still sent me the bills. Again, isn’t the law firm supposed to pay for something to earn the thousands they expect to get!?!

PS I am severely disabled and not trying to fraud the system. The thing that gets me really mad is I’ve met 10 people that live near me and only one deserved to be on disability. Most of the others laughed at how they are collecting when they shouldn’t be. I made comments to disability officials and not one asked who these people were or told me how to turn them it!
Thanks for elplaining the costs Slappy. The fact that they produced the medical release form that they supposedly never received from me makes me question their ethics! To clarify, if they "never received my sign up forms" then they have nothing signed by me. The form they mailed to my doctor with my signature, but with a new date added proves they had my forn all along! I mjay just tell them they aren’t representing me because my medical history doesn’t even tell one tenth of my story. Since I only talked to the lawyer once for five minutes they don’t know anything about me to convey during my hearing. I’m just a lowly number in their production line of disability cases!
Again, they don’t have anything signed by me besides the photocopy of what I sent to the disability Judge to show I thought I was being represented. That firm did not return any of my three calls where I left messages saying I was their client. Don’t you think they would jump to calling a peson back that they thought wasn’t their client? They didn’t!
What happened to "you pay nothing id you don’t get an award?" I need to dig up the original paperwork I sent in (which they never received) to see what it says. I thought there was an industry standard. BUT…if they "never received my signed papers" they I’m not their client!
I’m thinking the Ethics Association and Bar need to hear about them!
SORRY to keep adding more, but most of you aren’t reading my marathon letter or aren’t getting my point. I mailed in my sign up forms in May of 2008, January of 2009 I got a Hearing notice so I called wondering why the lawyer never contacted me and left a message. No return call. A two weeks later I called again and left another message. No return call. A month after my first call wondering why I never heard from them (THIRD CALL!) I left another message. The next day they left me a message that said "We’re sending you sign up forms." After one message of not finding me on their client list wouldn’t you think they would contact me? I contacted the judge asking for a continuance and sent him my sign up form, but he denied me. So I go to my hearing ALONE and who comes out of the hearing before mine, but the lawyer I thought I had signed up with. She announces her name in an obvious manor like it was set up for me to run into her. Let me add to this because I ran out of room.
. SHE decides to go into my hearing with me. SHE get a continuance. SHE gives me an assignment and says she’ll call me in a month. Now remember they had not received my original signed sign up papers and I signed nothing the day I ran into her at my hearing. Three months later I contacted her boss wondering what is going on because she still had not contacted me. All they did was send me a bill for records. I’m thinking how could they get my records without having a signed release from me. My doctor sends me the request that the lawyer sent them and it’s my signature, but someone else wrote in the date. I bet they had my sign up forms all along and they just changed the date!!! All they could have gotten was the one sheet I sent the Judge which wasn’t a medical release form. That form they mailed in HAD to be one of the original forms I sent in OR someone forged my whole name that even fooled me! That’s where I’m accusing them of unethical actions. Sorry! Thanks!

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