My Ex husband filed his taxes before me and claimed my child..?

Hi there, so here is this complicated situation. My mother has full legal custody of our child who is now 16, I lived with my mom and my daughter for a few years and with her permission claimed her on my taxes, her father pays child support religiously but not through the courts but can prove that he has been doing this each year. He resides in Pennsylvania. My mom lives in public housing.
He claimed my child without any permission and I could not claim her any way because I have moved and did not claim her last year as well. Can he or I be in trouble in the long run? He is being very mean and says he will report me to the irs for fraud when in fact I never thought I was doing anything wrong. In order for him to get this return, do you think that he filed head of house hold with a child? Or single with a child? The laws are very confusing to me. My moms rent is 600 per month and my daughter has her own medical insurance not through him, all he gives her is 400 per month and nothing more. She attends private school and that is another 350 per month. My divorce papers say nothing about taxes I looked them over, so I assumed that I was able to claim her because my mother could not, she had no income coming in and I was providing most of the money and food when I was living there. This is it, all in a nut shell. Should my mom have filled out a form to allow me to claim, or did her father have all of the right, he says he looked into it and he did nothing wrong and I am going to get in trouble. Some advice please I am really worried, I would never do anything at all illegal.


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