My family has fallen apart. I need advice from an outsider *long*?

Where do I start?

I am 22 years old, have an 18 month old daughter, engaged to my fiance of 7 years. I always had trouble with my family and that is why I moved out at such a young age.

I have an older sister that moved out at 15. She is currently 24, addicted to drugs, alcohol, and currently going through court for fraud. She has done things like stolen my money, verbally and physically abused me etc. I have forgiven her way too many times and we became closer each time I let my guard down. It always ends up with me feeling hurt again.

I have been ignoring her calls for the past few months now because I want to protect myself and my daughter. I wouldn’t let a stranger come around who had the same qualities, so why should I just because it is my sister. She calls here everyday leaving messages saying "what did I do??" I told my Mom that unless she gets help, I want no relationshoip with her but she still treats me like I am coldhearted because I won’t let my sister come over to visit my daughter. I know it is my decision and I am firm on it. Something inside of me is eating me up like I should feel guilty. No matter how right I know I am, my Mom seems to still inject guilt on my mind. My Mom says things like "oh well if she died tomorrow, you would live the rest of your life feeling guilty".

Maybe I just need some insight because I feel very depressed from this whole situation. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you everyone for your answers. To add some more info after I read a few answers, I HAVE told her she needs help. She denies, denies, denies that she even does drugs. If she doesn’t like something I say, she hangs up, then calls back the next day like nothing happens… that is why I am avoiding her.

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