My GM is committing Time Clock Fraud & Company is Corrupt what do I do?

So, my direct supervisor left at the end of May and she was responsible for submitting my time sheet every week. Once she left my hours were then sent to be approved by my GM. My new supervisor started in end of June and only recently got access to my time clock. Since there is no way for hourly employees to check their hours in our system I rely on my supervisor or GM to notice if I miss punched or something.

My Supervisor let me check my hours today and I took the opportunity to look at some of my historical pay periods. The system adds a little astrix next to any punch that has been modified and while looking at these punches I noticed my GM has been adjusting off over an hour of time each week so even though I still get overtime I am getting an hour or more less than I actually worked. I told my new supervisor who said he will watch for it in the future and give me comp-time to make up for it. The new supervisor doesn’t know how to address it with my GM since I’m not supposed to have access to that part of the time clock system and He’s so new with the system he wouldn’t have known to look it up like that. My Company is small and the people I would report this to at my corporate office are just as corrupt as my GM.

I know my GM’s bonus is based off of how well he stays under budget, so I’m sure the adjustments relate directly to how much more $$$ he will get at the end of the month/year.

This is illegal isn’t it?

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