Need some serious legal advice?

okay so i basically need to know what the outcome of this situation will be.

A few basics:
im 18
i live in mass
i have no criminal record
i completed [willingly] a rehab program
the court has a copy of me completing it & that im continued onto a day program
the charges i list i have NOT gone to court for yet

soo i got kicked out of my house 5.02.10 & arrested for: malicious destruction of property over 250, assault, resisting arrest, threat to commit crime, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. I go to court 7.16.10. Bc i was on drugs i stole my moms cc. I go to court 8.19.10 for larsony of a cc & 3 counts of improper use under 250. Then i get in the mail, a lett er from a different town that i have court 7.15.10 for recieve stolen credit card, improper use under 250 and identity fraud. Also i got arrested in april for minor in posession of alcohol but i never got a second court date for it.

Whats gonna happen?

I need help please!!

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