Odometer rollback fraud question?

I made a private party sale with this guy that sold me a ford taurus 2003 and has altered the title, the miles, the odometer, and so forth.
He is a scam, a liar, and has commited fraud,I am a college student and school starts soon, i needed a car, so 80,000 miles on the car seemed good to me, he rolled back the odometer, made a crease in the title, gave me a title with the previous owners name still on it, as in him or his family bought the car, didnt register the car, then gave me the title with the previous owners name on it from georgia. I said, will this be a problem, he said no, its under my moms name, he is a liar, a con artist, and will do it again. Please watch out for him so he won’t sell you a 130,000 mile car for more than its worth.
I looked up the carfax report, the car has 130,000 miles on it, and he changed the odometer and sold me a car, that is fraud. I was not aware i just made the buy yesterday and need help with what to do. i cant register the car, its under this girls name who he claims is his mother but thats not his mom he lied i contacted the current title holder she says she believes the woman he sold it to didnt register it and has been using it and had her son or whoever it was sell it to me and it was under her name he did the odometer change then sold it to me. I need to

know what are the next steps as to what to do. I have a car that i can’t own and he commited fraud. please help me. thank you.

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