Omama talks investment? Would you invest with a stock broker with his record? Or would you demand his aaa rest?

Obama’s got some gall referring his mob crony payoffs as investment. It’s bad enough he did what he did, now he wants us to trust him again? How forking stupid does he think we are?

I now have to stomp out lies & propaganda that WILL come up; Because the fact is NO! Bush didn’t lie us into war. Every country on the UN security council agreed using their own intelligence agencies &, the Democrats were louder than republicans. Bill Clinton said he would have gone to war the same way.

The democrats leadership were briefed & most democrats were down with it … and to boot it was justified in Afghanistan, and it was justified in Iraq, by events & facts, the fools who yell fraud like to ignore. Saddam had infiltrated the inspectors, he had spys forewarning of the inspection locations & went to a lot of trouble to compromise the inspections & move things around ahead of them, no wonder EVERY SINGLE COUNTRY IN THE UN SECURITY COUNCIL AGREED … but that’s lost in the media, and fools who yell about illegal war (it wasn’t) fraud (it wasn’t) don’t really look at history and just take propaganda that the pravda apparatus the main stream media has become, without question.

Bush didn’t lie, but Obama sure as hell did … and he’s still doing it. He has no intention of living up to his words any more than he did before he lied, & conned us to get elected. It’s just the same old shell game, and if it’s not? It’s to late, it would be extremely stupid to support him now with the idea that snake has changed his spots. He is what he is. He wants what he wants. If you don’t want the destruction of the System as he obviously does, then you don’t want what he wants & to fail to oppose him is to put a hole in your own foot with a chunk of lead from your own heavy metal propelling tool. (If Obama’s BS isn’t bad enough, look what dems have done to our language!)
Agricult … If I have to show you evidence Obama lied, you are in the wrong section. Trying to comment on politics without the simple basic knowledge one picks up by paying attention to it is like trying to comment on computer tech when you’ve never owned a computer.
And I’m not a hard liner, I’m a realist. I’m independent Libertarian. I’m pro legalization of Pot & most other substances. Pro Choice up to the point the baby would be viable with medical care if it were born at that point. I’m agnostic. If I’m a hardliner then 80% + of the population are hard liners.
No damming evidence? Did you miss all the crap Obama pulled to get Obamacare passed when he knew most people didn’t want it? He had to bribe, extort, & intimidate members of his own party into voting for it. He bribed special interests like AMA & AARP and many others into giving their support using promise of special treatment that was not in the best interest of the people subject to it. Give me a break.

Did we have C-Span involved in discussions or where they private behind closed doors?
Did the public get a chance to see the bills? Or were they rammed through without even the Congressmen getting a chance to read them? Did the Senate respect the filibuster or turn to the nuclear option on Obama’s insistence to ram Obamacare down our throats? Did he knowingly violate the Constitution? YES HE DID … I mean GIVE ME A BREAK!

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