How to Conduct a Criminal Records Search

Tips on how to conduct a search for criminal records: Though most people consider a search for this information as time-consuming, expensive, and fraught with error-that’s just what it used to be. Today, it is a much more convenient, accurate, and hassle free process; such as the search process at eVerify. You simply type in […]

Criminal Record Search

Tips for a criminal record search: Do you know your neighbors? Your coworkers? Your friends? It is not uncommon to live and work among strangers in today’s world; but you don’t have to. Why? Thanks to the Federal Information Act, all U.S. citizens have access to public criminal records. Below, we discuss just what the […]

I think my friend is being taken advantage of by an Immigration lawyer?

I have a friend who came form Armenia on a tourist visa and never left. (Bad Idea I know, I know!., but he is an incredible human!) He has been trying to get any sort of legal status for the past 3 years. Almost 3 years later, and 6000 dollars in legal fees. He still […]

Family fraud please help!!?

I am a 18 year old female. Two years ago my mother died. I now stay with an older cousin and her three daughters. I recieve money from the government on a monthly basis. one from social security because of my mothers death and one from child support because my father owes about twelve years […]

How long before some John Edwards type lawyer, starts filing class action law suits against Universities?

For all the overpriced, scam, worthless college degrees they MILL OUT for 0K+ each Fraud in the inducement Breach of Contract Professional Negligence Infliction of Emotional Distress If you can get a cool million for Mc Donald’s spilling some coffee on you -what is this worth?

what do people who commit fraud on the medical field think of their action?

As a career private attorney general, who is not a lawyer, can I legally print business cards stating I am one?

Thinking of taking on fraud in the community. I’m referring to the private attorney general act, that empowers citizens to combat fraud.

my bankruptcy lawyer made numerous mistakes & now I am charged w/ bankruptcy fraud. Why is she not held respon?

My bankruptcy lawyer made numerous mistakes & now I am charged w/ bankruptcy fraud. Why is she not held responsible? She put me in a ch. 7 knowing I had assets. She never gave me a means test or told me I had to go to counseling.

What about the truly astonishing family-law injustice of paternity fraud don't …?

… mainstream feminists get? Or is it just that the victims are men, so what does it matter?

So what does The Marxist Fraud plan on doing in Washington while his family goes on vacation?

Get drunk on eggnog and pretend to be Christian?

How can I change my dad's behavior ?

Ok, he is about 54, a Civil Engineer and a big (in a physical sense) man; he used to be very friendly and amazing (like my brother now, family comedian) and over the years he served many people quite tirelessly and selflessly; naturally as a result our own family life took the backseat (not anything […]

How can I convince my parents to stop watching Fox News?

I have asked them why they watch it, and they say it’s because they like tge reporters. But to me, it’s much too conservative. They always bash Democrats and praise the Republicans. If a Democrat is full of fraud, Fox reports it. But when a Republican is, nobody cares. They leave things out, and are […]

My aunt got arrested for fraud, do you think they will investigate her family?

My aunt got arrested for lying to the human services to receive food stamps. My uncle, her brother, is doing the same thing. Do you think they will investigate on her family to see if anyone is also lying to the human services?

What type of lawyer is required for SSI fraud?

Afamily member collected unemployment using my SS# & now they are coming after me for repayment because I was working at the time. Although I reported it to the administration office they continued to pay out for an additional 5 months.

If health care is free in Europe what is considered medical fraud and abuse in NHS?

Why defraud or abuse something that is already free? Give an example of NHS fraud If it is by the providers than that goes against the system. Why do they feel the need to defraud aren’t they being reimbursed enough? Who isn’t happy doctors or pharmaceutical companies?

Voter Fraud: So easy, A liberal can do it? there have been investigations, indictments or convictions for vote fraud in California, Texas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina and Maryland. In all but one case, the alleged fraudsters were Democrats. Latest Evidence of just how "easy" it is: The video, a sequel to O’Keefe’s "Primary of the Living Dead" in […]

a New O'Keefe Video Exposes Voter Fraud is this a perfect example of why we need Voter ID?

O’Keefe Video Exposes Voter Fraud

is this child support fraud?

I’m just gonna get straight to the point and keep it as short as possible. In a nutshell, a woman has full custody of her children and is supposed to be getting child support from the non-existant father (which she never gets). When she filed her taxes, they took money out of her taxes for […]

Social Security Fraud?!?

I know someone who is doing Social Security and Food stamps Fraud what should i do? should i keep it to myself and just let it go or should i call it in? and were would i call it in? i don’t have a number or website.

Is This Child Support Fraud?

I’m in florida, I placed my husband on child support for two kids 3yrs back.. We reconciled over a year ago and he has then sinced moved back in and we had another child. Am I committing child support fraud if i’m still collecting benefits from the govt and not putting a stop to the […]

Does this sound like a fake/ Scam/ Fraud?

I dont even know what company this is Hello, After reviewing your resume, we would like to present to you our current vacancy – Administrative assistant. We offer partial work with flexible working hours. Our company is European leader providing online sales of uthentic products at best prices. We cooperate with many of the top […]

Phishing, Scam and Fraud What is the Difference?

Phishing, Scam and Fraud What is the Difference?

Got a voicemail msg from fraud investigations please help legit or not?

I was checking my voicemail lastnight and came accross a msg from a gentelmen who claims he is from fraud investigations. The number he called me from was 904-647-8038. I did research on the number and it came back as someone’s residence and I called the number and it rang and rang. I tried calling […]

Is this social security fraud?

Hi, I am a junior at a university. I am also disabled, meaning I receive social security benefits which are for the conditions of depression and trembles (unexpected shaking). Over the pass three years, I have not reported to the Social Security Administration that I am attending college. However, I feel that I am automatically […]

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