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I need some quick legal advice pertaining to fraud Please.?

Unfortunately my fiance’s father passed away in April and there was a life insurance policy she was unaware that her and her mother were listed as the sole beneficiaries on the policy. He fathers ex business partner know about the policy and arranged a meeting saying they were entitled to some money from this insurance […]

What to do when scammed by a fraud debt collector?

We had a car towed and we paid Rickenbacker Collections a few years ago, and long story short, now the real collections agency is after us to pay the 0 sum again. It turns out Rickenbacker collections is a fraud and has scammed hundreds of people if not more. I understand that the best way […]

Should I report a company providing legal advice when the employees of the company do not have a law license?

I was formerly employed by a company that provides immigration services and counseling to individuals and companies looking to hire foreign nationals and/or immigrate to the U.S.. While there, it was common practice for non-licensed employees to answer a client’s legal questions and submit legal documents to the government. Furthermore, there were only a handful […]

I need some help with Legal advice.. i was charged with retail fraud.?

Thursday i was charged with retail fraud over a .99 cent bag of potato chips. I went into the party store to buy some chips, opened them while waiting in line to pay for them, and when i went to pull out my wallet to get my debit card i realized that I had left […]

How about instituting the Death Penalty for Corporate Fraud and other malfeasance?

There’s too much of it and not a meaningful disincentive. Government regulation is inadequate and increasingly impossible to strengthen, thanks to Laissez-faire nonsense. So let’s arrange it so the next time we have an ENRON or Bernie Madoff, they get trotted out before a firing squad. The problem will be significantly reduced.

Where shall I go in Vietnam?

I’m 17 and never travelled without my parents, and I have never travelled to Asia before. So it may be quite a challenge for me! I am there looking for somewhere safe with low crime rates (e.g no scamming, no pickpocketing, no frauds, no robberies, and definitely no murders!). As well as this, I would […]

Is it wrong to report a family member for benefit fraud?

I reported a member of my distant family for benefit fraud (and they are actually committing fraud) both members of couple are claiming to live on their own as non working single parents (they have 2 children) but they live together and both don’t want to work they openly talk about how the job centre […]

should i report this company to the bbb?

i interviewed at a telemarketing company last week. i got a really weird vibe when i came in for the interview. the place smelled funny, and the girl i was meeting was not friendly at all. she didn’t smile when she shook my hand. and she me took me to the vp of sales for […]

How would you reform social security since so many are committing fraud?

I kinow people who are committing fraud. If you only knew the schemes people plan.

What Do You Think about Egypt OR about The Egyptians in General?

I am about to move to Egypt in 6 months to make post studies their at Cairo University I live in UAE so i am Arabian as well BUT I am afraid to go to Egypt nowadays especially after the revolution of the 25th. of the last January in addition to that as far as […]

I recently was unknowingly lured into an Amway seminar…..what a joke. Evil company?

The lady I met was so nice and friendly, said she’d help get me a job and boom. 25 minutes into the seminar they started talking about the company, instant pyramid scheme in my mind. And I was right, what an evil company! Reading on the web that they donate tens of millions to the […]

How do I tell FaceBook about a phishing site?

I know I might be a little impatient on this subject, but I came across (what I believe) is a phishing website imitating FaceBook… it has all the signs of a phish (i.e. looks strange, asks for information, has strange web address) if you want to see the site, I can post a link… I […]

Need advice from caseworkers – is this legal or is it fraud?

Is this legal or would it be fraud? if im married, and have a child from a previous relationship that I have 50/50 custody of, can i apply for welfare if i say that me and my current spouse are living at separate residences? My current spouse and I also have a child together. the […]

Child support discovered welfare fraud?

I just recently took my childrens father to court for child support. My kids are 2 and 1 years old. We have a mediated aggreement where I have primary physical custody and he has partial custody (he gets the kids 4 hours a day, 7 days a week). When I went to child support court […]

What is child support fraud in the state of Mississippi?

how do i get help if i am being accused of child care fraud?

DFACS is saying that I owe 00 for not reporting all of my household income. At the time my husband was not living with me, however he was using my address not to my knowledge. He was not on my lease nor did i file taxes with him. What should i do?

Why are felons not allowed to work at almost any Business?

Personally i know that most jobs have a natural respect to keep felons out depending on the type of crimes, like a person charged with Fraud or Money Laundering couldnt work at a bank or a Sex Offender work at a daycare or school, but other offenders could do other jobs and hell even Sex […]

Did Mitt Romney say that corporations are people because he gets a lot of money from them through lobbying?

Last quarter, Republican front-runner Mitt Romney raised 18 million dollars for his campaign. Romney took in more than half a million dollars from registered lobbyists. One of Mitt Romney’s biggest fundraisers has been lobbying for a foreclosure firm while foreclosure fraud is still going on at an alarming rate. Some are suggesting that Goldman Sachs […]

Identity theft?

My card had two withdrawals from 2 different ATMs far from my house. My pin or my card was not stolden how is this possible

Good essay title for an essay about how Identity Theft is a problem?

I am writing an essay about how identity theft is a problem and i want a nice title! Can you give different options? Like a witty one, a funny one, a serious one, a simple one? Please think it through =)

I receive phishing emails almost on a daily basis?

I dutifully reroute them to uk government email address for phishing emails, I have always wondered what do they do next ?

How does a persoon prove identity theft?

What does a person have to prove when filing identity theft against an ex boyfriend or girlfriend when the case is presented to the judge. If the information was given to you and you have. Documents. That the person was well aware that ran their credit.never received anything cuz their score was too low just […]

Last paternity question, for GS men (not exactly fraud, but still uncertainty)?

You have been married to your wife for a month, and now she tells you that she is pregnant. The problem is that the night after your wedding night, your wife was raped. Would you insist on a paternity test to determine if the baby is yours or the rapist’s, or would you rather be […]

Question about medical fraud?

I get complaints all the time from residents in the nursing home about a particular physician. They state she does not come to see them, merely waves at them at their door and says, "Hi, how are you?" But they state she never puts a stethescope to them or does anything more than wave at […]

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