Passenger in auto accident – California?

Owner of car was in passenger seat (has only liability). Driver of vehicle (his girlfriend) has full coverage with 100,000 for injury. I incurred a rib fracture, a cervical strain and a lumbar strain. I have emotional problems that root back to my childhood and I go to a psychologist weekly for this. We were on the freeway going 80mph. I was sleeping in the back seat (laying down, but with my seat belt on). The driver lost control of the vehicle some how and we went from the middle lane and head on collided with the center divider ( I know crazy). After the initial impact we started to spin counter clock wise, then struck the center divider again in the back left (when I was seated). The vehicle was completely totaled. I’ve had nightmares and trouble sleeping. On top of this the owner of the vehicle had threatened me if I told the insurance what happened ( he wanted to do insurance fraud). I had to get a lawyer and endure this injuries for 3 months before I was aloud to seek treatment. On monday I will start my Physical therapy for 12 sessions.

My question is: can my lawyer seek damages from both parties even if my medical bills don’t pile up to the liability maximum? (fractured rib don’t run up the medical bills). Would I be eligible to go after both his 15/30 and her 100,000?

My lawyer "is always busy" so he doesn’t really answer my questions.
Thanks so much! And please only answer this if Truly know.

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