People please help…Lawyers?

My father died 1year ago.He has 6 kids well hes rich and has more then 10 million dollers in the bank he owned 40 houses and sold 20 out of all his kids im the youngest im 17 and his kids are like 40 50 30 and my father is 76. So my sister from my father side is a lawyer and so is her husband she made him sign papers saying i will be excluded meaning i wont have nothing and she excluded my brother from my dad side to because we have diffrent mothers and she dislikes us because of that.
So she made dad sign papers i mean my dad dont know **** about anything he cant read he cant write the only thing he does is speak english and not even that he can do correctly because he was born in Capeverde and came here when he was 35 or something.i know my sister told him to sign papers and he dont even know what the hell he signing and everybody laughed when they read that testament saying its not true that dad would never do that and we know she lying but how can i prove to the judge that is a fraud. Also she has the best lawyer some lawyer told me they can’t do nothing about it a will is a will and my brother contest the will already and they are in progress
She mailed us the will and I don’t know it seemed fishy because she crossed out a word that changes the whole sentence meaning and I don’t think you supposed to cross out anything from the will and put a diffrent word on top of it. She could retype it but hmm its seems very fishy I don’t know what to do she always pays lawyers to be on her side and My brother has money he paid the lawyer but he tells me to get a free lawyer and I don’t think it will do me much good what do you guys think about this
Sorry for the horrible grammer

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