Please explain how to report tax and welfare fraud? in the state or missouri? need help now! huge problem!!!!!?

Okay, so my uncle is a crackhead. He hasn’t paid taxes in over 20 years. Gets DUIs, owes thousands in child support and only has custody of one of his children (who at my age -18-have raised!) Well he has worked in those 20 years but finds under the table jobs or just has his boss lie and keep it off record-paid in cash. He lost his license and still drives. he steals from family members. He’s 50 and lives with my family. He gets food stamps and money from the government. ALL he buys is junk. Snack cakes and ice cream for himself. My family buys ALL of their food! And all the money he gets he buys lottery tickets with. Its ridiculous. He sits on his butt all day not even trying to find a job. He sleeps all day. Hell go to the store when I go shopping and steals! How do I report the tax evasion and benefit fraud?

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