Please Help me!! Its a family problem with the law!?

Okay so my family cleans businesses for a living AKA a franchise and recently we started cleaning this place with a bunch of lawyers. So when we started ( like a month or two ago) we had to take a tour of the building to know what we were going to clean. So this lady takes us to a room and COINCIDENTALLY shows us a room full of statues and says that they are worth thousands because of the price and that they are super important and what not. So then she tells us that we will NEVER clean that room and that, that room had a separate key that ONLY she has. ( why the hell would she have shown us then…? why would I care about a stupid statue…? ) so in other words you have nothing to clean here stay out. ( We have even cleaned places with designs of rockets and with far more expensive equipment and we have NEVER taken any of it and we don’t even have a key to that room what so ever.) And well we kept cleaning every other day like normal and blah blah blah. So yesterday we got a call from headquarters saying that they lady terminated our contract (which is for a year) because we stole a bunch of things. So she now called the cops and said that they are going to come over today and that they are going to look through our home. ( they have not come and I do believe that they need a search warrant) But in any case Prior to that incident when we were cleaning we saw a note on the main door and saw that it was the owner of the Business talking to some guy or ex-employee and it said that he had his own set of keys and that he had no right to be their with-out the Lady’s presence and that next time he came in like that they would call the cops and that they changed the locks and he had his own separate keys to his office and not the main door. So like a day before she called my dad and said that she had to change all the locks and that he had a new set of keys to come in so we could clean. ( all together she has changed the locks like 3 times aka the first day the had changed the locks then he changed the locks to the front door then the last time with the guy incident). So now what should I do..?!?!? can I sue her for charging us with something fake..? my family thinks she committed a fraud so she could get her insurance money for her useless statues.
When they find out that we have NOTHING because we don’t we are prepared to show them EVERYTHING even our bank accounts so they see that we haven’t even received any money or spent any what so ever to the value that she said that all the things we stole from her are. What should I do when she find nothing? Can I sue her in any way…? or what ??
@goz1111 they actually are STATUES! not books. The reason I say statues is because she has a collection of like old and ugly disney statues in an unoccupied office. Like they had nothing to do with the lawyers what so ever! like they are literally DISNEY statues….

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