Politically speaking, who is more productive to society the wealthy man who does this or does that…?

Politically (and morally) speaking, who is more productive to society the wealthy man who does this or does that as in from these examples?

Who is more productive to society the wealthy man who –

American Wealthy Man 1)
Pays his workers decent wages and salaries to the point where his workers will be able to afford to live, including having a place to live, feed themselves and their families and are able to afford health insurance for themselves and their families. Plus they (the wealthy company owner) may not care to get a tax break, but if they do – they either invest it back into the company including for making sure he never has to lay off his workers or say also put some extra into a charity – they put it into the kind of a charity that saves ill people with deadly afflictions/conditions or/and charities that get people employed RATHER THAN OR INSTEAD OF donating it to the arts or some city beautification project like sculptures or statues as some wealthy people do. Plus this kind of wealthy man wants to and actually gets affordable health care insurance companies to come to his company(ies) to sign his workers up for health insurance. This kind of wealthy man also makes sure that with any 401K plan(s) in his company(ies) ARE NOT investment companies that would trick or manipulate his workers into risky investments that involve derivatives which btw, derivatives are not regulated like stocks are against fraud, because conservative and libertarian politicians refuse to allow regulations on derivatives. Plus assuming this wealthy person is in America and that this same kind of wealthy man, would FIRST AND FORMOST, make sure his American workers are secure with their employment with his company(ies) for their entire working life (if necessary) before he hires workers in other countries. In other words, anytime he’d would hire workers in other countries, it’s – IN ADDITION TO HIS AMERICAN EMPLOYEES RATHER THAN REPLACING ANY AMERICAN EMPLOYEES HE COULD LAY OFF, but first he makes sure that people aren’t available to hire in America first before he hires outside of America. Plus this kind of wealthy man WANTS NO CORPORATE WELFARE.

American Wealthy man 2)
Rather than paying his workers decent wages and salaries and helping them get decent health insurance, the wealthy man lays off people and takes job overseas despite the fact that the wealthy man has made 10s or 100s of – millions of dollars or in some cases even despite that they’ve made billions – they still want more and more millions or billions so they can get MORE learjets, mansions, ski lodges, summer villas and "summer cottages" million dollar or multi million dollar paintings. Plus this wealthy man might donate – that is donate to the arts or city beautification projects like sculptures and statues so that way they can toot their own horn and say "see it’s not like I didn’t donate to something" and they also donate to politicians that will look after their interests of hoarding money. Plus this wealthy man wants a tax break for their ‘donations’, despite the fact they cheat on their taxes with barely legal or sometimes illegal tax shelters. A good example of tax loopholes is investment in European sewers of which those European sewers never see even one dime of that money these kind of wealthy men supposedly invested in. I know this happens because sometimes these kind of wealthy men have sometimes bragged about it amongst their wealthy friends and sometimes when they’re not thinking – they brag to other people who aren’t their wealthy friends about doing that too. Plus sometimes they get found out or occasionally but rarely, someone blows the whistle on them. Then to top that off, some of these wealthy people own stock in banks that charge people who are sometimes even their own workers – exorbitantly high interest on credit and of which these same bank companies these wealthy CEOs, millionaire and billionaire majority stockholder have lots of shares of stock in – after laying off their workers in their main businesses/companies – foreclose & repossess their workers homes and cars. Plus as far as taxes go, these kind of wealthy men who get tax breaks, despite the fact that they use phony investments as I mentioned to hide a lot of their profits, with the tax breaks they still get – it shifts the tax burden the wealthy are supposed to be paying on to the hard working people of whom these wealthy people sometimes are repossessing their homes and cars from. Plus, this kind of wealthy men, are asking for bailouts that hard working people have to pay for when they make bad decisions and also this kind of wealthy men WANTS AND GETS CORPORATE WELFARE besides that too of which hard working people are supposed to pay. Also before I forget this wealthy man wants and gets back all the money they donate to politicians that look after their (these kind of wealthy men’s) interests through government programs that of which their paid for and bought
The last part on the last long paragraph didn’t squeeze in which said:

Also before I forget this wealthy man wants and gets back all the money they donate to politicians that look after their (these kind of wealthy men’s) interests through government programs that of which their paid for and bought politicians makes sure that they get back and of which hard working taxpayers (the poor and middle class) have to pay for.

Plus I ask this at the bottom –

So I’m not against people succeeding or even getting wealthy, but which type of wealthy man is the more decent and humane wealthy man in comparison to the other one and which one is the immoral, corrupt and inhuman wealthy person?
Bouncing Moonman you make a good point and speaking of that point you might be interested in knowing about these companies activities –



Also btw, the bush family (as in two former presidents both named George Bush) was involved with those two companies I just gave links for including with stock options while they were in the white house and of which they were allowed to cash in on when they left the white house and also Neil Bush (same Bush family) was the head of Saving and Loans which had to be bailed out back in the 80’s as well. Plus that’s not even mentioning Haliburton, which Cheney was involved with also or the Pharmaceutical company Rumsfeld was involved with after leaving the white house and of which he used his influence with the food and drug administration for, so they push a drug getting approved by the FDA, so he & they could profit from it.
Before I forget to mention if anyone questions about my knowing business, I’d have to say ahead of time, I guess that’s why I got interested in business and economics from an early age and learned about things like supply and demand, other costs of doing business such as labor, electricity, machinery, etc; and why it can affect prices on products, or assets vs. liabities, why unlimited laissez faire economics FAILS economies in the long run and more.

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