Poll: Anyone else ever wanted 2 just escape from their family 4 good & become a totally new, permanent alias?

Yeah I know this isn’t a therapy session(Lol) but my whole family has pretty much disowned me because I’m not a Christian..
meh, I just want to get away from everyone, become a totally different person, and start life all over! changing name, state, and everything xD

I was thinking about it for a while, and I thought, this could actually be kind of amusing. I can make my own character up and everything and become a whole different person- even if it’s a "false" identity socially, but a "true" identity LEGALLY.

I mean it sounds like so much fun LOL
"John’ele White" – hoodlum of LA.

"John Katsumi "- Dad is Japanese, and mom is white, but son looks white. always given weird looks because of name.

"Joanne Hiderdick" – male to female transexual on streets of NY.

"Akbar Shaheen" – some muslim guy.

I mean you get the point RIGHT it’s like a whole new identity that you can play with all the time forever.

BY THE WAY this is legal, this is no "fraud" kind of question. it’s LEGAL to change your name and everything.

well anyone ever thought of anything at all similar to this once? changing your whole identity and moving away from everyone to stop all the drama?

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