Possible credit card fraud?

My best friend might be in some trouble and we’re trying to figure this out.
Her employer issued her an Amex corporate card. Although it was against company policy to use the card for personal reasons periodically she did. She had all the intentions to pay it back since she wasn’t trying to loose her job over it. She had a personal balance on the card of 1K when suddenly she got laid off. She stopped paying on the card and since she was now broke she she took out cash from the Amex and maxed it out at 6K. Three weeks later she received a visa corporate card in the mail. Apparently her employer switched credit card companies and for whatever reason they sent her one too although she no longer worked there. Desparately, she used that card to pay her rent and utilies several months out and she figured in time she’d work out a repayment deal with the credit card companies once she was back working or something. She ran up 11k dollars on the visa card. Her ex-employer is now investigating the matter. Is this credit card fraud? Is the employer liable? Can the employer press charges – If so what? What penalties could she be facing – jail, probation, etc? The cards were in her name but she did know that company policy was to not use the cards for personal reason. She has an irrelevant misdeamor from 1996. Other than that she’s clean. She lives in IL. Serious answers ONLY please. Thank you.

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