Power of Attorney fraud.. plz HELP!?

My bf’s dad appointed my bf’s half-sister POA of his bank acct b4 his death. After his death, she changed his address, stole all his money and will not cooperate with my bf (the father’s ONLY biological child) by supplying proof on what his father’s money was used for. We’ve since discussed the matter with the bank, which stated that her POA ceased when the father died. We have a bank statement that shows withdrawels and forged checks from his bank acct after his death. We are not informed enough on what can be done to get this issue resolved. The main issue at hand is that he had thousands of dollars in checks coming in and my bf was left beneficiary but never saw a penny, in fact he was a minor child when his dad died and abandoned in the home his father left him, against the dad’s wishes. The attorney who prepared the trust is basically ignoring my bf, probably bc he’s so young and there are two half-siblings fighting to take his home away.. PLZ HELP!!
As I briefly stated, theres is also the issue of the home. A revocable trust was prepared which indicates that 80% of the hm goes to my bf, 10% to the hlf-sis, 10% to hlf-bro, they are fighting to take his 80%. They are even trying to have him institutionlized to take his 80%, and he’s basically being harassed on a daily basis to sign over his percentage. The father stated that his only reason for leaving them a part of the home was to live with his son until the completion of the sale of the home, so that his son could move with the hlf-bro and be cared for until he was an adult. We have emails to prove that the brother was aware that this was the father’s wishes and prove his intent to manipulate the courts to have my bf deemed nuts to take his hm.. what a mess huh? My bf is basically broke and has no idea what he can do to resolve all of this. We appreciate everyone’s insight.. thanks!
To his knowledge, no guardian was appointed for my bf and he was 1 month shy of his 18th bday when his dad died. He was completely unprepared to manage the home on his own, which is why the two hlf-siblings were on the trust for the home. He is unsure if there is a Will, but is going to make another attempt to contact and meet with the attorney that prepped the Trust.

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