Question about child benefit UK?

So i am extremely worried and would like to ask someones opinion on this matter.

I am a UK citizen, i was living in the UK with my partner and we got pregnant. When i was further along in my pregnancy my parents who live in Canada invited me over there to stay with them while i had the baby. Me and partner stayed in Canada and had the baby here.
When our daughter was a few months old we went back to the UK and stayed for a while. During this time i applied for child benefit to help me out.
Fast forward a few months me and my partner split. I decided to go stay with my parents to help me through the breakup and adjust to being a single mother. I ended up staying longer than was expected but i completely forgot about the child benefit in the UK. I didnt even check my bank in England as i felt there was no need.

Now i am deciding to immigrate here, i got a job and would like us to start a life here. I guarantee that some money has been adding up from the child benefit in the UK and plan to go back to visit this october and will be closing all my accounts there.

I plan on calling them tomorrow and cancelling any payments from them. But i am worried it will be classed as fraud that i have not being living in england but the money has been going into my account there. I am not receiving any other benefit in Canada if that makes any difference.

So if i call tomorrow and cancel it, will that be okay? Is this considered fraud? Im worried!!

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