Question about Child Support Fraud!?

My mom is in a situation and I needed some opinions. She and my dad took care of my half sister’s son for about 8 years when she was off and on drugs and in jail. She recently cleaned herself up and got a job and everything and wanted her son back, so my mom let her have him. She recently found out though that my half sister is trying to get child support payments from her son’s dad, and she is going to get paid for the time that she supposedly “took care of him.” She is trying to say that she took care of her son for the past 8 years when in reality she has only had him and cared for him for a year! Is there anything that my mom can do in order to stop her from fraudulently getting money that she isn’t entitled to?

In actuality my mom should be getting the C.S. payments because she didn’t get one dime from my sister while she was away in jail.

Anyone out there know what we can do?
We are just trying to prove that my sister is fraudulently trying to get money for something that she wasn’t even present for. She wants her ex to pay for her son when she was in jail, and she didn’t have custody. Also, my mom wasn’t able to file child support for him because we just recently found his father about 3 months ago. He had dissappeared for a long time without a trace.

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