Question about medical fraud?

I get complaints all the time from residents in the nursing home about a particular physician. They state she does not come to see them, merely waves at them at their door and says, "Hi, how are you?" But they state she never puts a stethescope to them or does anything more than wave at them in passing. I know for a fact she comes to the facility with her documentation already printed (its computer-generated) and ready to put in the chart. She documents things like lung sounds and heart sounds but doesn’t even listen to their chest. I read this stuff in the chart and just shake my head. I am amazed at the blatant fraud that goes on and everyone KNOWS about it but says nothing. I KNOW what she is doing is fraud……..stating you are providing a service or that you did something you did not do. Since a lot of her services are provided through Medicare, it could also be Medicare fraud or Medicaid, since some are younger people on welfare. Either way, any way its paid for, even if not Medicare and is private insurance, it is fraud. This has gone on for years unchecked and I am tired of it. BUT I am afraid of losing my job if I say anything. I checked into the medical board and to file a complaint there, you must give your name. I’m not going there. I considered a Medicare complaint, but them the feds would not only be all over this physician, but would be all over the facility itself. What this physician is doing is wrong on so many fronts. She is cheating her patients out of healthcare she says she is providing but isn’t and is cheating the federal governement too. But this is a huge problem and I don’t know what to do about it. Ideas????

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