Questions about Army CID investigations?

I posted this yesterday but didn’t get the response I was hoping for…

My sister-in-law is going through a bitter divorce. Her husband is my brother (Active Duty Army); he continues to try and press charges against her for issues that she thought were being handled in civil divorce court.

She received one call from a guy months ago who identified himself as a CID investigator stating she was under investigation. She never heard anything else. When she went to CID to see what was going on, they refused to even let her in the building and MPI said they had never heard of the guy, although the MPI supervisor has the same name as this guy. No one ever answers the out of state cell phone number where this guy called from. She was fearful for months that she was “under investigation” and was quite paranoid!

Now she has received another call from CID for the same issues—this one actually came from an on-post phone number. My brother has called the cops on her a dozen times for no good reason (ie calling to ask him where the staple refills were, seeing who was gonna pay a bil etc).It is quite upsetting–so much so, she moved off post to escape the harassment.

The issue is regarding debt she racked up in the marriage— she signed his name on a student loan. He knew she was getting a student loan, he just didn’t know she signed his name as a co-signer. She handled all the finances for the entire 8 years they were married. When he found out she had signed his name he was mad, but they worked things out. It wasn’t an issue until she wanted a divorce, and now he wants her arrested for fraud or forgery. Her lawyer said that since he didn’t press charges when it happened, he stayed with her, slept in the same bed, etc… that he “condoned” this behavior and can’t retroactively press charges. We think it’s no big deal since she is responsible for that debt and her lawyer will stipulate that my brother be "held harmless" meaning if she defaults and they go after him then he can in turn sue her for debt, attorneys fees etc..UNFORTUNATELY since he is on post, he can go to the MPs, MPIs, CIDs everyday if he wants to! You would think that they have bigger fish to fry!

He has some issues and we have tried to get him help thru his command, ASAP, etc…he is just being malicious and vindictive. We (my family) adore her–it may have been slightly dishonest, but we don’t think it was criminal and he definitely hasn’t been damaged because of it.

Now my brother violated a civil court-issued no contact order when she was moving off post. He even stole over 00 worth of her jewelry—when she called the MPs they did get the jewelry back, but wouldn’t do anything punitive or criminal, because it was marital/civil.

SO that being said, can CID legally investigate her and if so is this the normal procedure? I always thought the first step in an investigation is to interview? She gets these calls and then is paranoid that someone is going to come and arrest her
We, my other brother and I, tried to get him help—we went to the chaplain and he suggested Army Substance Abuse Program. His 1st SGT used to have to come over and pick up up at night after he was drunk and started to break things.

My sister-in-law loves him still. She (against our urging) never called the MPs on him once. She wanted their marriage to work—he wanted to keep drinking.

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