reporting welfare fraud in california?

i have learned of someone fraudulently receiving welfare,food stamps and medical for the past year. my conscience won’t let me ignore this. should i report it and if so how can i do so annonymously? the web site for our county does not offer online reports and the phone # i called asks to leave a return number so they can call back for the information.
as a hard working tax paying citizen it really got my goat to hear they are collecting. the husband is paid extremely well under the table and i am sick of hearing about the shopping with what they laughingly call their white trash money. they buy louis vuitton guess bebe and all sorts of stuff trying to get what they can before the benefits stop. this disgusts me to no end. problem is it is a friends relative so i need to do it annonymously. the friend wants me to as well even tho it is her family. your opinion and answers appreciated.

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