Restution Fraud/Insurance Claims?

I caused a car accident back in March. I have already paid all my fines and I am finished with court ( The criminal aspect anyway… I was charged with careless driving). I signed an agreement with my lawyer/court stating that I would pay restitution for whatever my insurace did not cover. (I have full coverage insurance)

My passenger was minorly injured. Instead of filing a claim with my insurance company, she has filed for restitution with the court. I have been ordered to pay 9,358. After taking a close look at her medial bills, she has enclosed bills from BEFORE the accident and even a collection agency notice from 10 days after the accident. None of her gas milage listed (1,500 worth) matches with any of the medical bill dates of service. She also had full coverage insurance and I was told that her lost wages were paid for by her auto insurance. (I was told by a mutal friend, not sure how much truth was in the statement – so I took it with a grain of salt)

Clearly the courts did not look at this before the judgement was signed.

My insurance company has been trying to get ahold of her and/or her laywer and neither will answer and calls nor return them!

I have challenged the restitution and my question is what do you think is going to happen now? I know I need to hire a lawyer soon but what usually happens in a case like this where she is dodging my insurance company and the outdated medical bills from 2007? (Accident happend in 2008)

Will I be stuck paying the whole amount in the long run? Any advice that you can give me would be great.

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