She abandoned the marrage after 19 1/2 years..what to do?

I don’t know what to do. My wife ran off / disappeared after 19 1/2 years of marrage, home burns down 7 days later and I find she stole 40,000 dollars of my deceased fathers re-instated credit cards! I am divorcing her (due to the fact that I want to separate ME from the fraud ASAP. And i go to the lawyer and he mentions something about Indiana being a NO/FAULT divorce state. Was this for my benefit or her’s. I want to sue her for my medical bills ( I have been in a disrepaired mental state PTSD and have un-due medical bills and fees from everyhting to cleaning up the yard debris W/O her (This because of the town ordinancing me) and her forging my name on the home owners insurance policy to get her name on it. (This home was willed to only ME by my late father, she started this sh** after the home became mine. She signed my NAME! (My name her writing!)
The whole mess is taking a life out of me. I dopn’t want to live.
Please! if anyone can direct me to what I can do. I need help. I want to SUE her for mental stress and financial ruin. How do I go about this. Where can I get a friend in the system in god-forsaken Indiana to help me. PLEASE, before its too late for me. I am giving up – JOE
I have this on record. I have the RME changover policy papers. Its there in BLACK and WHITE! Plus,- i have reported everything each time to police. Now, the funny part is. The Sherriffs dept. isn’t filing the reports to go to my detective upstairs. This is illeagle. And i wouldnot be afraid to bet that she is/left with someone who is high up ion the status to currupt the police here. Its a sinister thing. And I never done nothing to her. We were best friends. Those who knew us are shocked and outraged. And scared that its going to happon to them. Divorce is like a slowly burnig ember it can take a whole town.
Craig B – Oh by the way. Have you benn married 19 1/2 years. (NO) well then you absolutely dont have a clue what your talking about. And, if you don’t know nothing about nothing wxcept to call jesus on another question you asked on your profile, then dont bother making rude statements. People have trouble coping in a society that is greedy and selfish. I find that this goes a long way in why people take the laws in their own hands. because the SYSTEM does not help NO ONE. And they are takers. Like she was. And this is indeed a tragedy. I am a kind and thoughtful person. I always have been. Never even had a speeding ticket (least i can say about her family) I and her sisters hubby are the only ones whom her parents havent had to bail out. Its disgusting. i tried to help out a really great girl back when i married her 19 years ago. Sad she turned out like them, and never once learned anything from a real family. Just how to make someone hurt, like she was made to by her family.

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