She's taking my children to the "secret cabin in the woods"…Did I make a mistake by calling the police?

This makes the third year in a row my Ex has diverted my children to another state to make sure they don’t have any quality time with their father at Christmas. For her, it is just a game. For her, it matters not what is right or wrong. For her it is merely what she can get away with.

So she says, "Yes, we are going away…I don’t know what town it is in…I don’t know the address….We have no phone…Just call my cell phone…Whatever."

Our divorce agreement says she has to give me details when she takes my children out of state. She is a career criminal: Arson, Perjury, Fraud, Child Abuse, Embezzlement — You would think law enforcement would try to help.

No they won’t. I’ve already spoken to the police. Non-custodial parents don’t matter. Mommies win. Daddies lose.

Are we having a Merry Christmas yet?
Background: I have full rights of unsupervised, overnight visitation every other weekend and on alternating holidays. This is an odd-numbered year and as the divorce papers state, I am to have physical custody of my 3 children this year at Christmas. "Ha! Ha! Ha!: Says my Ex. "We don’t have to tell you where we are going or where we will be!"

This is the World’s most immature and childish woman. For her it is only a matter of how long she can batte and bicker and commit the most outrageous crimes, and whether you can catch her officially. So the police have been notified…but they won’t help. In this state, she has commit a criminal offense but they will not enfoce punitive action against offenders. This would be Illinois. Are you having problems with Illinois too?
To Responder BigJon5555 the former marine: I have to respond to your statement that "if she is the custodial parent there’s really not much you can do about her taking your children someplace for Christmas" — because you have a misconception that some have who don’t understand custody. The parent with court ordered visitation HAS COURT-SANCTIONED CUSTODY during their appointed time of visitation. The other parent with residential custody cannot negate the other parents right of physical possession and custody during their visitation time. You must not have children or know much about divorce if you believe the custodial parent can legally do whatever they want to the other parent’s visitation time. In many states, it is a FELONY to interfere with legal visitation and custody (e.g. Texas Penal Code 25.03). And in Illinois, parents have been THROWN IN JAIL for unlawful visitation interference.

Please don’t mislead others if you don’t know what you are writing about.
Furthermore, you claim that if my Ex just goes on a weekend somewhere, she has not committed a crime. We if she goes by herself…SURE! But if she takes my children with her at a time when I have legal custody of them, this is comparable to KIDNAPPING, particularly when she breaks the law by not telling me where she is going. These laws come under the KIDNAPPING laws. This is how abduction occurs! Why would you assume that one parent has no rights to know where their children are or can be denied their legal custody merely because the other parent wants to be vindictive and uncooperative? It’s males like you who have come to believe that non-custodials have no rights so they don’t even TRY to be fathers. And there are large associations of non-custodial MOTHERS who like non-custodial FATHERS will tell you that you are absolutely wrong to give up on having physical possession of your children during your court appointed time with them. Non-custodials are not "inferior parents".

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