should I report my father for unemployment fraud and tax fraud?

I was wondering if under the circumstances it would be ok or just morally wrong to report my father? I know on first glance the question looks kinda screwed up but please read the situation before making an opinion!

I lived with my grandmother when I was a child because my mother passed away when I was 5 and my father did not want me at the time, so I lived in ID with my grandmother until I was 13 years old. My father went and demanded that I be returned to california to live with him after my grandmother requested that my dad help her with child support, so I was returned to california to live with him at 13.
I lived with my father for until I turned 16 when I dropped out of high school and moved to Arizona looking for work (also to get away from a situation that I at the time felt was very abusive mentally)! While in Arizona I completed my GED and was working as a welder when my grandmother passed away leaving my younger (12 years old) brother with no place to go and none of our family opting to take care of him, so I had him come live with me (at the time I was 17). When I turned 18 years old I went to real estate school to become a Realtor (was the bsns to be in at the time lol) and did that until the market crashed and I was out of work! At that time I was also involved in an investment that went bad and lost most of everything in a property. So at 21 years old I was at a loss for what to do, with a 16 year old son basically with no job and hardly any money to feed myself and still pay for our home I called my father and asked him if we could move into his place for a little until I get on my feet! He said yes as long as I put him as a cosigner on my car (2003 BMW) so that he can have some collateral if anything is stolen or broken while im there. So being in the predicament I was in I agreed and moved into his place!! 2 weeks after we moved in my younger brother didn’t like how my father was treating me or how he was cheating on his girlfriend at the time, so he decided to get my dad back by telling his gf about his affair… my dad explained his way out of it and both my brother and I where kicked out because his gf wasn’t comfortable being around us anymore (his gf was a girl I personally went to high school with! at the time she was 19) he then took my keys to my car and hid my car from me! when I called the police they came out and said that because he is a co owner on the car, they cannot do anything because he has equal ownership and the only way I could recover the car would be in civil court (fee for filing the suit was over 0 that I didn’t have! So with no money and no place to go I had no choice but to send my brother to my aunts house ( she was willing to help at this point with him) and I moved again to find a cheap place with work! After 2 years of jumping from place to place trying to find my footing and a stable job I was back asking my dad if I could move in again because he was no longer with his gf and had an extra room… He agreed for 0 per month in rent!

So now im 23 years old working as a photographer barly making enough to get by and still looking for a more secure job, I found out last week that my dad (he is a lawer) has not been paying the mortgage, is behind almost 80k and they are talking about forclosing on his home! This would not be a problem but for the fact that I have been paying him every month and he has been going on vacation with a new 20 year old russian girl almost every other week, taking her to miami, vegas, desert hotsprings, new york, ect (about 7-8 vacations in the last 6 months) he is also working as a lawer on the side, not reporting any of his earnings to the govt. and also collecting unemployment to the tune of 440 per week for the last year as well as not paying any taxes on his law practice!

Last month I was short on my portion of the rent by 0 because I had to go out and get a loan for a motorcycle (my car still has not been returned to me, another one of his girlfriends in AZ is currently driving it) and I have still had to make most of the payments on it because he refuses to for the most part and I do not need any more dings on my credit! I offered to sign the car over to him as a whole to get it out of my name and just call it a loss, but his credit does not support his being a primary on the loan, and he will not pay off the car saying "im not going to buy you a car, what will taht teach you?" and being short the 0 my father began getting pissed off and telling me to move out of his house and he is going to let the house go anyways and let the forclosure go through, telling me im a loser, a pussy, and telling me that im a piece of **** because im self employed right now and can barly support myself!

With all taht said my oppinion is that im tired of protecting him when his clients call asking for him when he should be working on their cases but instead is in miami, or convincing my little sister
your call is to turn him in, then that is what I will do 🙂 I just needed some reasurance that I am not being imoral being that he is my dad 🙁 kinda awkward but I see your point! thank you so much for your opinion!

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