Social Security Disability Fraud?? What should I do?

My ex husband has been collecting social security disability for at least 10 years now since our divorce. He has remarried and both of us have moved on with our lives. We have very little to do with one another, except for the children. I have suspected he was lying when he quit his job shortly after the divorce and began collecting disability for being "blind". He was still doing yard work, etc… around the house, but he and his current wife claim he is "legally blind" and I have not bothered with it since figuring that I’m sure social security required some sort of proof.

As it turns out now, I discovered last night he is now roofing for a friend (for cash of course). My daughter hasn’t been to her dad’s almost all summer and since she doesn’t see him all year (except at xmas time) I encouraged her to call and make arrangements with him. From what I understand he’s been working and doesn’t have arrangements for her. Not to mention this is FRAUD, right? What should I do?

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