Social Security Fraud!!!?

Just found out my ex has been collecting Social Security for my 7 yr. old daughter,when he has "never" had custody of her(actually there is a no contact order to keep him away from ALL my children ,due to him committing a crime on my oldest daughter) I have proof my daughter has been in my custody all these yrs.! He has committed F.E.M.A. fraud during Katrina,Tax fraud and Sexual Assault on a child under 10! My question is: Will i get back (for my daughter) all the Social Security he collected,that was due to her? Also: Do i press the charges or is it all up to Social Security? This "Thing" is a scum bag and has used many AK A’s,as well as his current wife! He also keeps everything in his current wife’s name to avoid loosing it due to all his fraud!
Actually Social Security Caught it yesterday(when i went for an s.s.i. review for my oldest daughter) and told me about it! Was just wondering…do to it being there error(not getting proof he had custody) will they pay my daughter,what he has collected and go after him as well? or must i waite, till the scum pays up (and that would mean….. she won’t get it)?
My ex has filed a claim for disability (disability for himself) and is claiming my daughter also under this claim(getting benefits due to her as well as his benefits),by telling social security he has had custody of her(actually filed for rep payee for her)

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