Social Security Fraud?

(Posting for my father)—I have been on disability since 2007. The mother of a child she claimed to be mine filed for and was granted benefits shortly after. After a lengthy court battle and refusal of the mother to partake in a dna test, the court awarded the test, and it concluded the child is not mine. I contacted my local SS office a few months ago to seek the removal of this child from my benefits and was told the checks would stop. I waited a few months, and re-visited again last week. I was then told "the benefits will continue because she’s already in the system. We’ll try to find a loophole & contact you by Thursday." What exactly could be a better loophole than the piece of paper in my hand stating "Not the father." Of course, no one ever called me Thursday-or any other day. If more taxpayers were aware their hard earned tax dollars were being giving to criminals of paternity fraud, I have a feeling a loophole would have been found immediately. I am going to continue to persue this but would like any suggestions any of you have to offer as to who I can contact or what I can do to resolve this. Thanks for reading!
Yes she knew he was not the father. She repeatedly stated so yet refused to take a dna test because she knew. All about the money people.
And it’s not hurting me, but it is hurting you taxpayers!

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