social security fraud? is this illegal?

I need some legal advice about a social security issue. I just recently found this out. My ex husband lives in a different state, so I can’t be for sure when he tells me stuff.
he gets ssi for his back, because of that, he doesn’t have to work and therefor doesn’t have to pay child support.
the state, however, provides a total of 0 for all his children to be split up evenly. he has only had our daughter for quite a while.
he was remarried for a while and then suddenly divorced. Two weeks later he was with a new girl. a month later she was pregnant. 2 and a half months later she gave birth prematurely. he told me it was his, i assumed he was telling me the truth even though the time line didn’t add up, i assumed he was cheating on his wife with his new girlfriend. (thus the mysterious breakup)

i recently found out that this is not the case at all. they were only together that last couple months of her pregnancy. The child she gave birth to is her ex husbands child. he claimed the child as his to get the money.
he has been getting half the money for a child that isn’t his for going on a year.
I am of course extremely irritated. He falsely claimed a child just to get money that is really supposed to go to his legitimate child. this is supposed to be her child support, but he greedely took it back gor himself!!!
he put himself on the birth certificate

is this legal???
im sorry i forgot to add, the mother of the other child, the new born baby who is now over a year old, is in on it to get the money. she is his girlfiend.
lol! no drugs young and stupid. i was with him 13-14 years ago, and only for a very short while.

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