step-mother signed hospital documents as mother?

I received an e-mail from my ex stating "we" had taken him to see a "doctor" for a sore throat. I asked my ex for doctor info, i got no reply so I asked my son who told me it was a hosp…where is step-mom works. I went to get medical records to take to his doctor and was informed I could not, only a parent could. The step-mom was listed as "mother" and as i later found out, had signed documents and put "mother" where it asks for legal relationship to patient. It took me a few days, hours of phone calls and faxes and trips back and forth to prove I am his mother and had legal custody. Meanwhile, I was contacted by the legal department of this hosp. once they realized I was the "real" mom and it was suggested to me I should press charges against her for fraud and get a temp. rest. order. Has anyone dealt w/something like this? Al;ll I wanted was to get the records. Now she may lose her job as the lady I spoke with said she(step-mom) as an employee should know better. any advice?
This is not a first, just the worse! A typical situation-she takes my son to doctors, w/o my x present and I only out after w/o any info as to what doctor he was taken to. I have always provided all routine appointment…doc, dent, ortho, optomotrist, optholmologist, urologist…the list is endless. When sick & @ dads house, she takes him where ever is convenient, then I have to hear where from my son (only 10 now) to get paperwork from these places to give to my sons ped for her records. Also, we do have a court ordered primary care physician and they continually put their other kids pediatrician. This is not an oversight or an "oops". It's a regular occurance. It's just 1st time I've been told by someone at a facility I have had to do this with to press charges. I think it is because she works theres and they ARE protecting their butts. I do think pressing charges is extreme, however, i do think after 7 years and 100's of miles chasing down doc forms, maybe i should.

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