Still effected by a bad lawyer

Juz as i thought i had gotten over a real injustice i recieved from the hands of very poor lawyer who worked ( and is still working) for Adam F Greenhalgh & Co 17 & 20 Mawdsley Street Bolton, back in 2000 . Hearing how Kerry Katonas mother got off with a condition discharge brought it all back.

In 2000 i was in recepit of Job seekers allowance and was told by the ADVISOR AT THE BENEFITS OFFICE that i could work upto 16 hours and still rec benefit . So i did so and then a year later i was pulled up and questioned and accused of benefit fraud whereby i had to do 80 hours community service and had to pay back £2000. I had NEVER been in trouble with the law and consider myself to be a law abiding citizen and was amazed when the lawyer i meet at Adams and co was so neglect- she was pregnaut at the time and was more interested in getting to her anti natal clinic on time than helping me . She assured me that i would only get approx 60 or a fine – or just a telling off . when the judge dished out this hash penality she did not . She didnt fight my corner she just rolled over . I feel so angry and cheated – Even the officers at the community service place said she was harsh-

I did raise a complaint and her manager pulled all stops out to defend her .

8 years on and im still angry and had found it extremely hard to get a job because of this … can i still raise a grievance? is their anything i can do ?
Brianna you know nothing about me or abt my life so why dont you stick your fucking comments up ur ass – U didnt have to address my comments if you have nothing wise to say – I had always worked all my life b/f this accorded and i said i have always been a law abiding ciitizen – Her actions was no way a darn right to have me being treated unfairly have me been treated like a criminal . I was told that i could work those hours and anyone would if that is what they where told , what i had been recieving was way below the breadline and i was advised this .
I wouldnt be surprised if you work for the darn company . It doesnt give you or any so called solicitor to judge me and feel that i should be treated this way . I would hope some day you sprog KIDS wouldnt go hungry , and then lets see how far up ur fucking ass you will be with that

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