suspect odometer fraud?

I am planning to buy this 2000 model ES300 which has really low mileage for its year. The car has 48,000 miles. I did a carfax and it shows the following mileage pattern:

1st Owner (Registered as
corporate lease vehicle):
7/2000 to 8/2003 (3 yrs): 33,000 miles

2nd Owner:

8/2003 to 2/2005 (15 months): 2000 miles. (!!)
2/2005 to 5/2006 (15 months): 7000 miles.
5/2006 to 6/2007 (12 months) :4000 miles. (!!)

Is this something I should be worried about? This car is being sold by a small used car company. Is there a way I can dectect odometer fraud other than checking for wear and tear of seats etc? Can a Lexus dealer find out exact mileage on the car?

Ah…that was very quick. Thanks a million for your advice! I will give it some thought before deciding. The deal looks good at 13.5K hence I was tempted. I will try to find out the owners and also if this dealer has any service records. The car has been in my city ever since bought. I wonder if the local Lexus dealer will verify any service record for me.
Thanks again. I could not add a reply to your post. Hence I am adding this to my question. sorry… new here…

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