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Insurance fraud what will happen?

My ex husband had an accident this week and he provided my insurance information and my address to the driver he rear ended. My ex husband was removed from my policy 10 months ago. My ex husband has been living in Maryland for a year know. He is still using his Virginia License with my […]


Welfare fraud question?

My husband just found out that his ex with whom he share 50% custody has been collecting cash aid for the past 10 months. He now has to pay back almost ,000 and they now started garnishing his wages making it nearly impossible for us to get by. He has two children with her and […]


Fraud on cultural exchange student's Programs?

who can help me? there is an exchange student program that may have commited fraud on me, because with no fundamental reasons sent me back to my country of origin (Mexico). this program charges a lot of money for an student to live a period of 10 months (average) in a city in the US […]


How would I start to write a book?

Okay so i am 14 years old and my mom was sentenced to 10 months in prison for fraud and all this she is almost done now and she and some of her friends in there are going to write a book about what its like from inside a federal prison but i want to […]


help on filing annulment (married to con artist)in Ca. without a lawyer?

ive been duped into a marriage based on tons of dishonesty. the person who is my alleged husband basically took me hostage into a marriage by lying to me about everything under the sun in his life financial-situational-emotional-etc. i moved in after the wedding (mistake) and started finding the evidence bright as day all around […]


What effect will this decision have on that great leader of the Christian Church Barack Jose 0bama (SWT)?

Church of Scientology Convicted of Fraud in France AP Eric Roux, legal representative of the Church of Scientology in France, speaks to reporters after a court returned a verdict of fraud against the group, at a Paris courthouse, Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2009. A Paris court on Tuesday convicted the Church of Scientology of fraud and […]


In the matter of the Enron fraud/collapse…was CEO Jeff Skilling given to harsh a sentence…?

Ex-Enron CEO Skilling Gets 24 Years in Prison By Shaheen Pasha, CNNMoney HOUSTON (Oct. 23) – Former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling, who gained infamy as the man who orchestrated the largest corporate fraud in history, was sentenced to more than 24 years in jail Monday. In addition, Judge Lake denied defense attorney Daniel Petrocelli’s […]

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