Can I get charged with food stamp fraud?

I’m pregnant, 24 years old, I’m not married and I’m working part time for minimum wage. The father of my unborn baby is not helping financially so I applied for foodstamps. They did a telephone interview with me and asked me if the father of the baby was living with me. I live with his […]


Citifinancial loan accepted then declined?

I received a pre-approved loan letter in the mail an went online an applied an was referred to my local office. I took a few documents i was told to bring an within 2 hours was given a high interest loan.Which im ok with..I went home an setup my online account with them etc. I […]


In the matter of the Enron fraud/collapse…was CEO Jeff Skilling given to harsh a sentence…?

Ex-Enron CEO Skilling Gets 24 Years in Prison By Shaheen Pasha, CNNMoney HOUSTON (Oct. 23) – Former Enron Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling, who gained infamy as the man who orchestrated the largest corporate fraud in history, was sentenced to more than 24 years in jail Monday. In addition, Judge Lake denied defense attorney Daniel Petrocelli’s […]

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