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Am I overworrying about identity theft?

I typed my SSN in my fafsa about 8 months ago on a computer with a lot of malware/spyware. Now I’m scared that there may be hundreds of people with my SSN and they are all going to steal my identity. I already got my credit report and will get another one about 4 months […]


I need to talk to a lawyer or something for my son?

My son was taken form me by my ex, it’s her son too, but without me knowing she took him, moved out, lied about having a job so she wouldn’t have time to let me see him, she committed some kind of welfare fraud with my son being on her parent’s taxes while they collected […]


I'm being charged with a crime I did not commit?

I owned a computer repair business, had hired an Independent Contractor to help out. Shortly after we hired him, customers credit card information started to be used to make purchases online. These purchases were shipped to addresses in our town, including our business (which we ran out of our home). The police came and raided […]


Navy husband committing military fraud?

My husband is in the Navy and since he left for boot camp back in May he has never sent me a dime to support our two children who are 2 years and 4 months old. He has pocketed our moving money that was a couple thousand, he has pocketed 1,300 for housing allowance while […]


Accused of fraud dna….what do I do?

My husband and I have been going through a battle with a woman who claims my husband fathered her child. We nevered denied the possibility. My husband submitted a LabCorp DNA test to family first they accepted it, but now we get a call from a detective saying that it is a fraud. When […]


Social Security Disability Fraud people are going to my neighbors homes?

I was forced to "retire" from the postal service after over 10 years due to several medical conditions. When you apply for Fed. Disabilty, you must apply for SSDI, which picked me up in 4 months. To the point- Out of the 4 conditions noted, none are physically obvious. One of my doctors told me […]


Credit Theft from a family member?

I found out that my parent has a credit card in my name. I didn’t even know about it until I got the first bill. I was shocked by this and knew that it was my parent that could’ve done this. I was right and now I’m angry and upset because I can’t pay it […]


My name was sent to the fraud department?

I was getting money from emergency disability and food stamps for 3 years. I knew I had to report when I got married. I called 2 days after my wedding and left a message on my case workers machine. She never called me back after my honeymoon I called again and she yelled at me […]


Is working, while applying for disability and SS fraud if he put he was unemployed?

So my friend applied for disability and SS because he lost his job and scholarship for school because he had a heart attack at 21. So we was hospitalized a couple times while waiting because of his heart condition. He doesn’t have health insurance and this was the main reason why he applied for SS. […]


Is it legal for a woman to receive welfare benefits if the father is not working and living with her?

The woman is living with the man’s grandmother. She has a 3 year old child by this man, then had another about 4 months ago and is now pregnant from the same man. She receives benefits and he has never worked(or her either) in the 4 years they have lived there. Is this welfare fraud?


Rental property going into foreclosure?

We moved into a house this past September..the owner closed in October and we just got a notice that it is going into foreclosure by the clerk of courts….although we have paid our rent on time and given her almost 7k she has not made a single payment, advice please: 1. what are our possible […]



Hi All I just want aware you all that, this company has a sole agent in Ghana Accra, but I really don't know that its a company oriented Agent or just making his own site on Internet, because after paying him Mr Franklin THE AGENT of Accra Ghana of Rs/-5.5 lakh without having even a […]

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