Will you help me compile a list of all of Obama’s Connections?

Here are the ones I have Tony Rezko -Sold Obama land reeeal cheap. -On trial for corruption Reverend Jeremiah Wright -Obama’s reverend and spiritual advisor for almost half his life -Does anti-American services in Church -Blames the government for giving AIDS to blacks in Africa -Blames America for the 9/11 attacks Franklin Raines -Obama’s housing […]


How many people wanna bet that there are Bush insiders right now already negotiating trading evidence against?

Bush and Cheney in exchange for immunity from prosecution? Only the first ones will get immunity, all the rest will get the hangman’s noose (so to speak) Illegal torture Illegal rendition War Crimes Katrina and the fraud and theft afterwards Cheney’s involvement with the 9/11 attacks The mortgage meltdown the fraud and theft in the […]

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