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Paternity Fraud is it legal?

Say if I marry a Woman and while I am married to her she cheats and 9 months later has a baby and says it is mine. So lets say I get curious for some reason when the baby is about 3 and get a paternity test and it shows that I am not the […]


Trying to accuse me of child support fraud?

My sons dad has not been the nicest person, we were together till I found out I was pregnant nd he left for months because I refused to abort. At the time we were together I was a Respiratory therapy student nd he financially took care of me while I studied after I lost my […]


Child support and custody question?

So my finace has 2 kids he’s ordered to pay child support for. I support that he pays this since its supposed to be for taking care of the children. The mom hasn’t had her kids in about 9 months. She just had another baby with her new husband, she has her new baby, but […]


What to do about benefits, DHS, child support problem?

*Before I ask this question I’d like to state that I am aware of the legal implications of the mistake(s) I made and have already berated myself a great deal over it, and also need advice from someone who is knowledgeable in this area if possible. At least someone who isn’t going to generalize and […]


How to go about seeking legal advice on a situation?

My friend X has been working with the healthcare field in the state of Louisiana for about a good 8-9 months. X has been working with a client and everything went well. Nothing went wrong til X had switched to another client (still in the same company) by a "so-called friend" (Y) who reported X […]


I was scammed by my local State Farm should I sue them for Insurance Fraud or not.?

My husband, my sons, and I were in an automobile collision on November 7, 2008 while getting back home from Brownfield, We was hit from the back…The teenage boys did not see us. We all have been under care from a doctor. I have been sending receipts in for everything I have been out….went got […]


Not Wanting To Meet The Family?

I do not want to meet his brother, we’ve been together nearly 2 years and because we are long distance, it’s been hard trying to meet one another’s families. I met his mom, sister, grandmother, and aunt. However, I did not meet his brother. His sister has issues, but she was so sweet to me. […]


Payroll fraud–what can I do about it?

I am 17 years old work for a restaurant called Frizzle’s. It is privately owned business local to Huntsville, AL. I have been there for 9 months now and like the work and the people decently. For the first few months I never really kept up with my money, but some people started complaining about […]


Is short term marriage to effect a baby & to obtain court-ordered child support from the victim fraud?

If a couple who cannot have a baby, e.g. husband has had a vasectomy and wife is approaching 40 & childless, divorces so the woman can have a baby sired by a fertile man, marries him/immediately gets pregnant/has baby/then divorces him/obtains court-ordered child support/then remarries her first husband with baby & court-ordered child support what […]


Any Lawyer here who can help me with a commercial transaction?

Hi, I bought a beauty salon 3 and a half months ago in St. Albans, NY and the lady who sold it to me, lied about how much the salon makes a week and didn’t say that she was selling it because the neighborhood was bad and there are drugdealers selling drugs right next door […]


My friend got married in south America, can she get divorced in USA, and and what’s the process?

She was married in Paraguay and the guy left her, She wants to get divorced from USA, she wants to avoid a fraud from a lawyer since it’s been already 9 months and no results, then the lawyer asked for a picture from the husband? what can she do?


How is this payroll tax fraud going to affect me and my family?

My husband has his own business. I am a stay at home mom. I have recently found out that his HR Manager had not filed nor paid payroll taxes for about 9 months. The amount owed is astronomical and I am in shock about what to do, who to talk to, etc. Question 1: How […]


taxes, ex is threatening me with tax fraud?

my ex and i have divorce papers that say he can claim his son every other year. well he hasnt paid child support for 9 months or paid medical as per our divorce papers for 8 years. so I filed my son. why not , he doesnt follow the decree why should I ? besides […]


what kind of lawyer would i need to go after an employer for insurance fraud? and lead to unpaid doctor bills ?

i am in tennessee near nashville. i had blue cross blue shield through my employer last year. in late march i went to my regular doctor with some pains in my shoulder. i did some tests and then had a MRI scan around 2 april. by april 15th i was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. i […]

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