Woman, which do you fear more? Please pick only one of the two?

1) An abusive husband or 2) Medical fraud by Male gynaecologist http://hysterectomyinformation.blogspot.… * The later is a lot more common than the first.


Possible Tax Fraud??

I left my abusive husband after two years… He since tried to file taxes and claim our son… and he was going to keep all of the return. I heard about it, and used my power of attorney to file taxes for the family. I asked him for his address to send his share of […]


If I write a check to myself on my husband’s account, is that fraud?

I’m leaving my abusive husband and I have no money. We’re moving to my mom’s ( my 2 small children and myself). My husband wrote bad checks on our joint bank account and the bank closed it. He has recently opened a new account that he thinks I’m unaware of. I have found a checkbook […]

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