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regarding my boyfriends uncle. ( tax fraud)?

I have an important question and no way of knowing how to deal with the situation myself. My boyfriend started a company under his name with his uncle which he ran for 6 months until a falling out and the uncle was supposed to have bought him out. Well it has been brought to my […]


Does this scenario constitute unemployment insurance fraud?

My neighbor worked for an accountant. After this year’s tax season, he was feeling "burned out" so his boss agreed to fire him so he could collect unemployment and the door is open for him to go back to work at the end of the summer. To me, it’s just a paid extended summer vacation […]


How do I prove my ex husband is committing fraud?

My ex husband has been working as an accountant for the last 5 years, but only declaring that he is paid minimum wage on minimum hours. Because he works from home and gets his clients to pay him cash and also he has the facilities to print his own wage slips, I don’t know how […]


What would you do?

A while back we were contacted by an irs agent telling us that our former partner was being audited. He then told us that we owed $$ on capital gains from our stock buyout. The ex partner altered the legal documents and forged my husbands signature showing the sale to be almost 70,000 less than […]


What do i do? husband's ex violated child support order knowingly…?

On August 13, 2009 my husband was ordered to pay child support. The court order had all kinds of stipulations about medical, school, daycare, etc. One of the orders (number 14) in the court order states exactly: The respondent shall claim CHASITY (last name) for tax exemptions every year and the Petitioner shall claim CAITLYNN […]


I evaded paying my income taxes because of my accountant's fraud. Can I fix the situation?

My accountant who had full authorization to my finances (in short) attached a number of trades to my account – and my income taxes became huge (hundreds of thousands of dollars). I tried to work it out with verification and enforcement division, but because my health was getting effected I decided to leave the country […]


HELP ME…..WHAT would Smith & Marx say about this CASE?

NEW YORK (CNN) – Former WorldCom accountant Betty Vinson was sentenced Friday morning to five months in prison and five months house arrest for her part in WorldCom’s billion accounting fraud. Vinson, 49, pleaded guilty to one count of securities fraud and one count of conspiracy. She testified at the trial of former WorldCom Chief […]


what are some legal consequences for a controller who found the fradu, did noting, and just resigned?

There is a controller who found the fraud. He reported to upper management and external accountant. None of them listened to him, and tried to fix it. If the controller just resign the firm is there any legal consequences imposed on him? If the company gets caught after he resigned, could someone like bank or […]


Ponzi scheme operator stole $40 million, but no prior record?

I have two friends who have been convicted of conspiracy to commit securities fraud for stealing about million by selling underfunded securities. One of them, we’ll call him Steve Hallingham, had no prior criminal record, which the judge said was a "big plus" when he gave him a fairly light sentence of 18 months. But […]



My son: 15yrs old-Finial warning (Fraud) 16yrs old-Arrested for criminal damage (Appearing to court next month) -Arrested for theft/shoplift like 2weeks later (Current on bail if YOT team don’t contact him he will go court) He is a very bright lad, he is hoping to become an accountant. And the questions i have just got […]


Need general advice on how to proceed in a case of fraud committed against me?

Hello, I was defrauded of money by a partner in a real estate transaction, and this partner has since left the country so there is little chance of recouping my money from him. However, there was also an accountant involved, Morris (background: Morris was and still is a close friend of my ex- partner, and […]


Is this crimianl probate fraud ? I think I found hard evidence.?

My grandmother was named the personal representative of my father who died in 1992. I was a child when he died that is why she was named the PR. My sister and I are the only heirs to the estate.She lied to us and told us there was no money left and basically tried to […]

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