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What did Douglas McCollam mean in the article "You can't sue the bean counters"? The article said that the US Supreme Court rejected the legal theory of "scheme liability" that held shareholders should be able to sue company advisors in corporate fraud cases as secondary actors. Why did the bankers, accountants, and lawyers get off easy? Personally I think the ruling was inconclusive. What are secondary actors? Don’t […]


What does it take for the IRS to investigate tax fraud?

My exbf/baby daddy is self employed and refuses to produce tax returns (since 2006) for the purposes of establishing retroactive child support and claims he makes only -30k per year, but his lifestyle is obviously not commensurate. He was ordered to produce bank documents, but produced only some of them… however, it was discovered that […]


How much of our health care crisis/deficit is a direct consequence of patient care?

Does anyone know the breakdown of our national healthcare deficit? What is the actual cost of nurses, hospital maintenance and ancillary positions that affect patient care and needs for how many patients annually? What is the actual cost of medical doctors reimbursements for how many patients annually? What is the actually cost of salaries to […]


Ponzi scheme operator stole $40 million, but no prior record?

I have two friends who have been convicted of conspiracy to commit securities fraud for stealing about million by selling underfunded securities. One of them, we’ll call him Steve Hallingham, had no prior criminal record, which the judge said was a "big plus" when he gave him a fairly light sentence of 18 months. But […]


What is the best way to police Government?

Given the history of the world, corruption seems to be the norm for governments. Congressional scandals appear almost daily and it is well known in Washington that congress is virtually for sale to the highest bidder. Many serious allegation of fraud, deception, misappropriations of money and constitutional violations have been leveled at the government by […]

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