I wouldn't be surprised if Kerry deliberately did that to hurt the dems on election day to provide an excuse

why dems lose on election day when they again steal and rig the election for the republicans. It looks less suspicious than an October surprise coming from the reps to use a skull and bones dem. Although I worrked my butt off for him in 2004, after he conceded and sat on 50 million of […]


What are Barack’s ties to ACORN?

Is it true Obama sponsors ACORN, group responsible for voter fraud? Was he really a lawyer for the organization, and did he really serve several years as an activist for the group after serving as a lawyer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB41jOFh3G8&feature=related I am *not* a McCain supporter. I happen to think both are full of baloney. That’s why […]


Supporters of immigration activist Elvira Arellano Arellano is calling for a national day of prayer is GOD ok?

With document fraud ? Supporters of immigration activist Elvira Arellano are laying out their plan of action for the next month. They are planning events in Chicago, in Congress and across the border. The 32-year-old illegal immigrant took sanctuary in Chicago’s West side Adalberto United Methodist Church for a year. She was arrested earlier this […]

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