What do you do when cyber harassment turns into libel and defamation of character?

First of all, I’d like to say that I’m not a minor, because I know cyber-bullying laws are slightly different in their case. I am an adult, and I run a professional website where I display my artwork. For the past year, I have been harassed by a very obsessive individual, who was first madly […]


Why doesn't (didn't) anyone care about Obama's background?

Because if you didn’t know, he has the following baggage: -Went to white-hating, racist reverend for 22 years. (Jeremiah Wright) -Was a lawyer for the notoriously corrupt group ACORN, known for extreme voter fraud (registering dead people, the same person 5 or more times, etc. -Wouldn’t give official birth certificate -Political mentor is Bill Ayers, […]


How do I start to turn in my husband for insurance fraud ?

My husband has spent his entire adult life scamming off of other people including myself and my family and it’s about time I stand up on my own and turn him in. Since we live together and I see how flexible his body is doing all sorts of martial art sports to taking an axe […]

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