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Who was it who said, "Destroy the Family, and you can destroy the Society"?

Eliminate the sacredness of the marriage covenant from the minds of the masses. Make them believe marriage is outdated and blasé Inspire hatred against the family unit, manhood and fatherhood Institute no-fault divorce and encourage serial divorces Incite rampant promiscuity, fornication and adultery Make having illegitimate children become a common practice Convince society that a […]


Investigated a horrible murder as a detective in 1985?

In 1985 I investigated a murder involving two children that killed their step father. The story was unbelievable with years of abuse and violence, it made Good Morning America, I wrote a book about the story using info from the murder book, what steps do I take from here to get this published. Went back […]


Can a Field Grade Officer Lose the GS9 She has if she is convicted of Adultery and Fraud?

Can a Female Major Lose her Job as a GS9 that requires security clearance if she is currently being investigated for Adultery with a Company Grade Officer who is Married and it was confirmed she doctored medical documents to make it look like she was pregnant. She had a GS9 paying job as a civilian […]


Would this be considered as defrauding child support?

I am recently divorced from my ex husband because he committed adultery and had 2 children with another woman.When we went to court to decide child support . He had the other woman type a document saying he was paying her 0 dollars a month . So the judge factored this in and gave him […]


What are my chances of getting custody of my son?

I have a binder full of evidence on my wife as far as drug abuse, child abuse/ neglect, adultery, fraud, etc. I have court for custody in the next couple weeks & already have an attorney but my wife wont be there. What are my chances of winning custody with her not showing.


hyles Anderson college/jack hyles a fraud? fund. Baptist?

9/23/02 [To David Cloud] Jack Hyles was not only wrong on salvation and repentance, he was also a class "A" fraud. I graduated from his college and seminary in the 1980s. I attended First Baptist Church of Hammond for seven years. I played their game quite well, not knowing any better at the time. I […]


If Hillary isn’t smart enough to KNOW Bill was cheating on her, Is she smart enough to run this country?

Bill Clinton had been a serial adulterer for their entire marriage, as everybody with half a brain knows. In 1988, he called me and said that he and Hillary were considering divorce and he had to get away from her for a while. I offered him my house in Key West, Fla. Right before the […]

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