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do you think it is a coincidence that they put in the first african american president only to have him…?

bomb africa? (imperialism with a friendly face) when he put rahm emmanuel in his cabinet that was all I needed for me to know that obama is a total zionist fraud & puppet


Pat Robertson fraud with diamonds, the dictator, and planes for the poor!?

As widely reported across the internet a few years ago what do you think about Pat Robertson and the Zaire Dictator Mobutu Seko(a murderous thug) diamond connection? Pat Robertson began begging for donations for 3 new planes to benefit Operation Blessing in 1994 for humanitarian assistance in Africa. Specifically to remove refugees and provide medical […]


My boyfriends doctor dis-charged him out and said he would like to stab americans with a knife. what can i do?

ok, my boyfriends doctor is from africa, he seemed to be a pretty nice guy, but we heard that he went to court for medical fraud, so my boyfriend was asking the patients who were outside if they knew anything about this, and one of them (who was a babysitter for the doctor) went in […]


Is there anyone my friend could report a email scam to?

See received a email claiming to be from a lawyer demanding she pay them money for illegally downloading music. It goes on to stat what proof they have but I say its a fraud for the following reasons. 1 she never downloaded any music legal or otherwise 2 the phone number was from a country […]


How do i retrieve an email sent as a phishing scam?

I received an email that was suspicious, researched it over the net and it was a scam from Africa. They wanted me to pretend to be the next of kin to a dead man and get the bank to release his account to me and then we were to spit it. Biao Bank in Cote […]


Why does the AP sometimes include party affiliation and sometimes not in fraud stories?

It was not included in this story. Ex-congressman on trial over freezer cash, bribery Tue Jun 16, 7:48 am ET ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Opening statements are scheduled in the trial of a former Louisiana congressman charged with bribery after federal agents found ,000 in cash in his freezer. The case is scheduled to start at […]


Do you know how internet scams work?

It almost seems like when you sell an item, they put you on like an internet – all – call and send you the same message over and over. Usually it is the one where they say that they are in Africa and they want to transfer the money via pay pal. They always say […]


What internet scams should we be watching for now? Any good stories to share?

I like the one about Shiek Benden Madauterover from Africa who wants to deposit like a billion dollars into your account and all they need is your access info. Why isn't someone in law enforcement clamping down on this problem?

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