Please explain how to report tax and welfare fraud? in the state or missouri? need help now! huge problem!!!!!?

Okay, so my uncle is a crackhead. He hasn’t paid taxes in over 20 years. Gets DUIs, owes thousands in child support and only has custody of one of his children (who at my age -18-have raised!) Well he has worked in those 20 years but finds under the table jobs or just has his […]


is this considered fraud enlistment?

i was diagnosed as a child with asthma then i went off to college but never bothered to transfer over to my adult doctor at age 18 now i found out that all my child records from my doctors were destroyed after 3 years so their is no medical record for me when i go […]


Insurance Fraud / how to get a dependancy overide?

1. Insurance fraud–is it fraud when you cash a claim check but do not put fourth the money to fiix a vehicle? 2. How can you get a Dependancy Overide? basic back ground: Age 18, High school diploma, with past and present work experience, am trying to get food stamps and partial unemployment for the […]

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