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myself and my daughter's social security number were used for taxes, how can i get them to do a fraud thing?

HELP!!!! I was told that myself and my daughter thats 3 years old were claimed on taxes by my ex boyfriend of 3 months he lived here at my house and i found out he was using drugs and i kicked him out! But he got ahold of my social security number and my daughters, […]


how do I protect myself from Identity theft?

Where can I get that protection?? what are some recommened sites and what are the going fees for this on going identity protection. someone got ahold of my card number, leave me to believe why not sell my identity? even tho im not important like that lol So what are those identity protection site then […]


Help! Credit card fraud and i dont know what to do.?

Okay, so this is the story so you can understand it fully and i can get the right answers. Me and my friend were at a guys house and they were on ectasy. The kid told us before we got there he would give us gas money because we didnt have any to come to […]


Restution Fraud/Insurance Claims?

I caused a car accident back in March. I have already paid all my fines and I am finished with court ( The criminal aspect anyway… I was charged with careless driving). I signed an agreement with my lawyer/court stating that I would pay restitution for whatever my insurace did not cover. (I have full […]


seperated from ex husband but he some how is able to keep changing my mailing address?

he is opening up a credit card in my name he is a loan officer and some how figured out i checked my credit he changed my mailing address 4 times already and is opening up my mail what do i do i dont have money for a lawyer…he is very good at fraud and […]


How can I report an Insurance broker for shady business practices?

I go to them for a quote and they give me a really good monthly rate. So after going through all the hassle of signing the paperwork, I notice that they have me as "Married" when in fact, I am single. When I pointed this out, they said "Oh, just make somebody up." So basically, […]

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