can u place an ad in paper to warn others about a dealership selling u a lemon? w/o legal issues?

I bought a car from a large dealership and was told that the car was in good condition and had not been in any wrecks i asked for a carfax report 4-5 times the day I bought the car w/ the salesman giving me excuse and after excuse the next week I went to get […]


Auto Fraud? What Legal actions can we take?

We are located in Utah. Yesterday my wife and I bought a 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche from a private party seller. He stated the car had been in a accident and was 100% cosmetic, and all that was needed to be fixed (And was fixed) was the front bumper and grill. We asked him all of […]


How can I prove Auto Insurance Fraud?

I was in a car accident where a guy slammed on his brakes when I was making a lane change. This happened in 2006 and I was told that I was not at fault because he braked due to an accident within a certain distance in front of him. Now on this billing cycle in […]

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